Schneidsysteme Messer

Machinery knives for the recycling industry

  • Rotor- and Statorknives
  • Shredder knives
  • Granulating knives
  • Knife bars
  • Wear parts
  • Staple fiber knives
  • Staple fiber blades
  • Screens
  • Accessories (knife holders, protection blades, screws)
  • Grinding service

We are also offering a special service for assembling and demounting.


Machinery knives for the printing industry

  • Guillotine knives
  • Three way trimmer knives
  • Trimmer knives
  • Circular knives
  • Exercise book knives
  • Rotating cutting knives
  • Paper drill
  • Cutting sticks

In different qualities: HSS/18% Wolfram, tungsten carbide (also finest grain).