Schneidsysteme Messer

The Company Gerstl Schneidsysteme is specialized in all services for the plastic- and recycling industry. We can provide nearly everything that has something to do with machinery knives an sharpening of knives.

This means in detail:

  • production of machinery knives for grinders, shredders an recycling machines in general, in OEM quality
  • short delivery times
  • flexible 24h service
  • building in and out of knives (for nearly all machines), incl. pre-adjustment of knives
  • production of wear parts / pressure plates
  • delivery of screw
  • grinding service nearly all over Europe
  • repair service

We are also experts in finding solutions for special problems around "cutting" and "grinding".

Please do not hesiatate to ask vor an offer.

We will attend to your question/inquiry fast and clarify your special needs.